Transformational Power

I hope you’ll find this article seasonally appropriate and pertinent to VBL. My goal is to highlight the cornerstone of Values-Based Leadership – HUMILITY. Whatever your religious view, Christmas is acknowledged widely as a celebration of Jesus’ birth. Most theologians and many historians would agree that Jesus modeled a life – and leadership style – of absolute humility,


 “What?!?” My friend exclaimed when I suggested what I thought was a seasonally appropriate topic for this article. “Gratitude?!? Is your head in the sand?” My friend had a valid point. Let’s face it, everywhere it seems we are more divided and we are more divisive; natural disasters abound; disparity between rich and poor increases;

Averting Rebellion

Rules without relationship yields rebellion. Forcing rules on people incites rebellious attitudes, even when the rules make sense and are based on accepted values. Why? Enforcing rules is a way to control behavior – when we legislate and force behaviors, resentment builds in those being controlled. When resentment builds, rebellion occurs. Granted, rebellion typically isn’t

To What Will You Surrender?

We all surrender to something. For some, surrender is submission to the will or influence of others. Some of us surrender to our own desires and cravings. Some surrender to circumstances around us. Determining what we surrender to has much to do with our values. What we believe at our core will determine our behavior. Our values