through values based leadership


Our Approach

TAI develops values-based leaders who model effective behaviors, create high trust cultures and achieve extraordinary outcomes… guaranteed.


Create awareness of the current reality.


Establish alignment on direction, values, and goals.


Drive accountability to deliver results.

Whether it’s your personal leadership, your team’s effectiveness or your organization’s performance, TAI has a proven three-step process that identifies and installs the behaviors, objectives, and priorities necessary to achieve and sustain aggressive organizational goals.

Discover how to drive higher performance


Partnering with clients around the globe, TAI works with individuals and teams to install Values-Based Leadership. The result – higher performance and greater organizational results.
See what our clients say about us:

  • George Gallup Jr.

  • EVP Sales & Marketing, Pharmaceutical Company, Southern California
  • TAI brings a true and effective model for leadership that outperforms all others—it is time-tested and proven to be the leadership model for transformational change. Values-Based Leadership is an articulation of that model. It should be considered by all leaders seriously intending to make a difference in their organization or in the world.

  • As a new hire at the company, the company’s Mission, Vision and Values statements are so succinct and so bold, yet so inspiring. Most visions are a bunch of pretty words a company throws together to fill a spot. This one is so well designed and thought out and I wanted to pass along kudos to you and say job well done. I am excited and inspired to be a part of the team, and feel more empowered in this position than I have felt with any company in a very long time. Thank you for your leadership.

Our Clients

We work closely with our clients to provide a unique experience.

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